House Plans

First plans received July 10, 2015.

Final plans received August 20, 2015.

Kitchen  / Pantry / Laundry Plans

Electrical Plans

Data / Alarm Plans



5 thoughts on “Plans

    1. Good evening,
      The upgrade for the ash grey we thought was quite reasonable. For those areas with already stone benchtops like kitchen ($800) and bathroom ($100) it was pretty cheap but was more expensive for areas with laminate benchtops such as walk in pantry ($1600) and powder room ($500). Artline did the kitchen designs and they were priced at $3400 for kitchen, $2100 for Laundry and $4100 for walk in pantry. The pantry was more expensive because it begins as a blank space with no inclusions whereas the kitchen already has many things included and isn’t too bad to upgrade. Kitchen upgrades included bin drawers, additional drawers, higher cupboards, spaces for lights in taller cupboards and cutlery drawers. We upgraded the cupboard doors at the colour appointment. Hope that helps.

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  1. Hello,

    We are doing a KDR in Gymea Bay, and I was wondering if the landscape plan you have on this page is the one Masterton submitted to council on your behalf?

    We are building with Barrington and at the last minute before they submit plans to council, they’ve said we need a plan from a landcape architect for the DA process.

    Just wanted to know if you had to organise similar for your build?



    1. Hi,
      We went through a complying development and Masterton took care of all the plans. We didn’t have any input on the landscape plans but I would think that they were the ones submitted. Given our large block we had no issues with ratios. Sorry this doesn’t help much.


      1. Thanks for that. We have no issues with ratios either, but I had heard conflicting reports about the detail required for the landscape plan, and I’m trying to avoid using a landscape architect!


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